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Step into Our World: Introducing HoT

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Welcome to a world where every line drawn, every concept developed, and every space created is a vibrant blend of innovation, interdisciplinary knowledge, and playful experimentation. Welcome to House of Tamanaha, a boutique architecture firm that believes in weaving fun, joy, and stories into the spaces we shape, ensuring they’re more than mere structures—they are biographical pieces, snippets of a larger narrative that spans continents, cultures, disciplines, and time.

At HoT, we're not just architects. We are storytellers, researchers, and conscientious designers who deeply embed sustainability, community, and history into our design methodology. With roots and influences reaching from the cozy canals of Amsterdam, to the serene landscapes of Okinawa, and pulsating through the vibrant energy of New York City, we bring a rich tapestry of global insights into every project.

A collage proposing the transformation of flooded urban spaces into spaces to embrace and explore

Our journey began when our founder, Kats Tamanaha, traversed through diverse paths in the global design landscape, from the innovative realms of architecture in Oslo to exploring the melting pot of design perspectives in New York City. This journey was not just geographical; it was a deep dive into a myriad of disciplines from architecture and interior design to urban planning and product design.

In our firm, we uphold the belief that each design, whether it's an intimate interior or an expansive urban plan, should be thought of at every scale. We love binding local charm with international wisdom, creating experiences that are both intimately familiar and excitingly novel.

Our Pillars of Design
  • Narrative-Driven Designs: We create spaces that tell stories, resonating with the rich histories and cultures they emanate from.

  • Sustainability at the Core: Our designs are rooted in environmentally conscious practices, ensuring they exist harmoniously within their natural environments.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: With diverse backgrounds in architecture, interiors, product, landscape, and urban planning, we ensure every design detail is considered through varied lenses, providing robust, innovative solutions.

  • Community & Inclusiveness: The spaces we shape are not only for us but also for the communities they are part of. Engaging and integrating local insights, crafts, and materials into our projects is pivotal.

A collage proposing transforming flooded urban spaces into integrated research labs

We welcome you to join us as we explore the myriad possibilities of design, ensuring a seamless integration of diverse scales and thoughtful details into every project.

This is House of Tamanaha: where we design playful, sustainable futures.

Let’s build together. Let’s experiment together. Welcome to our world.

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