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Interior view of a waterside bar with floor-to-ceiling windows opening to a sunken ampitheater.

bringing beautiful,            
sustainable architecture            
from paper to reality.            


House of Tamanaha was born from the collaborative spirit of two former colleagues who envisioned creating their own boutique firm - instilling a more personal and intimate approach to design.

Our small team of multi-disciplinary experts infuses heart and skill into every design. Engaged in a range of disciplines, from architecture and interior design to landscape architecture, urban planning, and sustainability, we pour our comprehensive expertise into each project, ensuring it's impactful and resonates with every community it touches. Our focus spans from innovative developments and cultural buildings to vital social housing and transformative spaces within the commercial and hospitality sectors. For us, every project is more than a structure; it's a chance to blend joy, functionality, and timeless design, creating spaces that not only meet the demands of today but also pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. Our heartfelt mission guides us: to innovate, design, and build spaces that serve, inspire, and endure. Join us in building the next generation of impactful, sustainable spaces.

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Making waves (& the news)

2021 Winner - Metropolis Future 100
Founder featured in NYCxDesign
Founder featured in Dezeen Magazine
Founder won the national Innovation in Affordable Housing competition hosted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Founder received honorable mentions in the International Design Association IDA Design Awards



Our core team is made up of award-winning designers and innovators, dedicated to reimagining - and rebuilding - the future.

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Skrova, Vãgan

Norway, 8320

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+47 453 93 351

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+47 400 19 933


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Calm, modern, minimalistic interior home with an emphasis on clean lines, natural materials, and attention to detail
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